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Garden Entrance Improvements


The current Garden entrance is challenged in its beauty and safety by utility lines that run along the street frontage.  The utilities have clear-cut an area that once provided a welcoming appearance with trees arching out over the street.  Cramped in their growth, the trees have grown up and over the high voltage lines creating a safety hazard that HECO takes no responsibility for.


For the safety of garden visitors, the Garden’s directors with the assistance of local charitable foundations, are shouldering the costs of placing these utilities underground and making landscape improvements.  These pictures show the vision of our improvements, the entrance as it currently exists and the clear-cut easement.  Donations from the Garden’s directors and friends along with grants from the Atherton Family Foundation and the H.K.L. Castle Foundation have made it possible to begin the process of under-grounding the utility lines.  Pictured are the trenches and giant HECO pull boxes required for this effort.  Fund raising continues.


Eagle Scouts Project


Friendship Garden has hosted and benefited from six Kailua and Kaneohe Boy Scout - Eagle Scout Projects since 2008.  The projects include: 1) Identifying and labeling garden plants, 2) Painting the garden's historic "campers' cabin", now the garden's tool shed and entry information center, 3) Improvements to the seating area under the tool shed at the garden's entrance. 4) creating a lovely stone channel at the stream crossing on the lower loop trail, 5) Shoring up the trail embankment at the intersection of the lower and upper loop trails, 6) Rebuilding a retaining wall at the side of the historic tea house.

Tea House Re-Construction


The original Chinese style tea house concrete bridge dates from the late 1920s.  The original wooden structure was destroyed by vandals in the 1960s.


From photographs of the original tea house structure, Janet Gillmar designed the wooden second structure.  Walter Ishikawa and Masaru Okamura constructed it in 1984 with material supplied by Ruth Scudder Gillmar.

In early December 2015 an ironwood tree fell onto the tea house roof, severely damaging the roof. The structure was stabilized by Craig Short on December 29 and the roof was reconstructed between July and September of 2016,  Volunteer contractor and coordinator Mark Mench, who grew up playing in the garden, was assisted by his father, Ralph, his brothers, Alex and Karl and friend, Sean Knox.  Neighbor Bobby Flores obtained building materials from Honsador Lumber Company thanks to Lisa Cain and he obtained roofing material from RSI Allied Building Materials, thanks to Scott Madden.  On October 8 volunteer roofers finished the job.  Pictured are, left to right, are Mark Villegas, Maika Flores, Bobby Flores, Pridel Buenafe, Oren Saloman.  Missing from the photo are Nate Dalpiaz and Kim Villegas.


National Register of Historic Places

"The Possible Dream" Pamphlet

This pamphlet was published by the Trustees of Kokokahi Community Trust to tell how Dr. Theodore Richards successfully accomplished his dream of creating a Christian inter-racial community - where the people of Hawaii could live and play together.


The view on this pamphlet cover is from the tea house in the 1920s.


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