Friendship Garden


Although we don't have a paid staff and minimal overhead, there are maintenance expenses and future projects that are always in need of funding. If you would like to help out, your gift would be greatly appreciated. There are two ways to pay: online by clicking the Donation button below, or by sending a check.


...or send a check to this address:


Friendship Garden Foundation

PO Box 2902

Honolulu, Hawaii 96802


Friendship Garden Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible.


Major Donors to the Friendship Garden Foundation


Trusts and Foundations:


Atherton Family Foundation

Scudder Gillmar Trust

Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

The Strong Foundation

Charles M. and Anna C. Cooke, Ltd.


Major Individual Donors:



Jack and Janet Gillmar

Ruth Scudder Gillmar

Stanley Frank Gillmar

Mary T. Richards


Founders of the Friendship Garden Foundation Endowment


Atherton Family Foundation ‑ $25,000 matching grant


Donations exceeding $1000:


Peter and Thelma Gabel

Bennett Scudder Thebaud Gillmar

Emily Scudder Thebaud Gillmar

Bill and Norma Gorst

Kokokahi Community Association

The Liljestrand Family

Ian Mattoch in memory of John Leary

Mary Mench and Family

Robert and Evanita Midkiff

Mahlon Moore

Laura Morgenstein

Elizabeth M. Myers in memory of her grandparents Theodore and Mary A. Richards

Virgil "Budge", Donna and Tess Rewick

G. Manning Richards

H. M. Richards, Jr. (Monty)

Mary Richards Yort Shattuck

Alice Talbott in memory of her husband, the garden's trail builder, Ted Talbott

David and Kathy Wurfel in memory of Umematsu and Yasu Watada

Robin Midkiff


Outstanding Volunteers


Ted Talbott, Russ Proter, Kurt Pohlman, Leon Laba, Mark Mench, Bobby Flores, Mahlon Moore.


Friends of Friendship Garden


Friendship Garden Foundation thanks volunteers and/or those who have made monetary contributions of $100 or more to the Garden.


Boy Scout Troops of Kailua and Kaneohe

Anthony and Mihye Cortese

Delane and Ken Dewey

Duane Gabel and Annie Downs-Gabel on behalf of Peter and Thelma Gabel

Bennett Gillmar

Laura Gorman

Richard Hey

Don Hibbard

Walter Ishikawa

Ruth Ishiara

Michelle and Paul Janmey on behalf of Fusa Moos and Victor and Isabel Janmey

Lee Kaneakua

Rod and Judy Fukunaga

Leon Laba

Bobby Midkiff

Mary Midkiff

Mary Mench

Laura Morgenstein

Ethel Mitsuye Murakami and Adney T. Murakami

Stephen and Ilma Murin

Daisy Payton

Kurt Pohlman

Russ Porter

Jim Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap Shannon

Elfe and Alfred Soo

David Takagi

Ted Talbott

Ken and Gail Watanabe


And the anonymous volunteers who remove fallen trees and pick up trash forgotten by others.


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